Marco Lippini began his musical career at age 18 after two years of guitar school starts his collaborations with a first electronic duo named Arsella Boyz with Dino Storai writing the single – “Robert”.

Then he sings in the cover band The StrokesNYC Cops who performs mainly in central Italy.

Four years later he founded with Luca and Larry the band Save The Polar Bears. He made two EP assets and concerts in Italy and a few appearances in Europe.

He is the author of the songs and he plays with Luca Landi (Go! Zilla) Lorenzo Cantini, Niccolo ‘Capobianco and Danilo Scuccimarra (Band of Brazilian and BlueBeaters).

Closing the work of Save the Polar Bears he initiates the band called Fast Lights, founded with Lorenzo Cantini (former member of Save the Polar Bears) and Andrea Valgiusti where they dedicate themselves a lot to studio work.

In 2017 he entered in studio with the production of  Dino Storai (Out of City and Arsella Boyz) and mastered by Simone Fedi (Studio Volta Recording).

In 2018 Acceptable Theories EP came out.

In 2019 After 9 years Arsella Boyz produced a new single called “AB Generation”.

In 2019 a single called “Reykjavik Street Food” also came out.

On 4 April 2020 he releases the new single  “Miami Joy” of Fast Lights.

“Working on a new album”

In August 2020 he starts working on a new album with Studio Volta, that is to be released in the next months.